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Table 1 Randomized parameter ranges for multistability detection

From: Identification, visualization, statistical analysis and mathematical modeling of high-feedback loops in gene regulatory networks

Parameter Description Minimum Maximum
\(g_{i}\) Timescale of \(i\) (log-uniform distribution, fixed at 1 by default) 0.1 10
\(k_{i}\) Maximum synthesis rate of \(i\) 3.0 3.3
\(r_{i}\) Proportion of the synthesis rate of \(i\) reliant on regulation 0.90 0.99
\(K_{ij}\) Threshold of the regulation of \(i\) by \(j\) 0.05 4.50
\(n_{ij}\) Cooperativity of the regulation of \(i\) by \(j\) (integer) 1 6
  1. All parameters are drawn from a continuous uniform distribution unless otherwise specified