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Table 1 Model-parameter values when using Rifampicin in TB patients. These values are identified from the literature

From: vCOMBAT: a novel tool to create and visualize a computational model of bacterial antibiotic target-binding

Parameter Description Unit Value References
A Antibiotic concentration mg/L e.g., 5 mg/L Measured/external source
\(B_{0}\) Starting population Number of bacteria \(1e^{6}\) Assumption
n Target molecules Molecules 100 Assumption
\(D_{0}\) Maximum death rate \(\text{s}^{-1}\) \(1.6e^{-5}\) [28]
\(R_{0}\) Maximum replication rate \(\text{s}^{-1}\) \(9.25833e^{-6}\) [28]
\(k_{T}\) Killing threshold   99 From \(f_{c}\) of Eq (3) [29]
\(r_{T}\) Replication threshold   98 From \(f_{c}\) of Eq (3) [29]
\(k_{f}\) Binding rate \(\text{M}^{-1}\text{s}^{-1}\) \(1.2e^{6}\) [30]
\(k_{r}\) Unbinding rate \(\text{s}^{-1}\) 0.001284 [30]
W Drug molecular weight g/mol 822.94 [31]
C Carrying capacity Bacteria/ml \(1e^{9}\) [29]
V Intracellular volume L/bacterial cell \(1e^{-15}\) [29]
MIC Minimum inhibitory concentration mg/L 0.4 [28]