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Piloting code peer review with Code Ocean

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The Editor of BMC Bioinformatics is delighted to announce a 6 month pilot in partnership with Code Ocean, a computational reproducibility platform with a mission to make code more readily executable and discoverable.

During the author opt-in trial, BMC Bioinformatics and Code Ocean will be working together to facilitate easier peer review of source code and also code citation and sharing.

Authors submitting software articles to the journal  may be invited to take part and, if they agree, will be guided though the process of creating fully functional “code capsules” that reviewers can access  and run as part of the peer review process.  And, once published, the authors can share their code and data, both of which will be citable via a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

We hope that working with Code Ocean will provide many benefits to authors, reviewers and readers by improving the peer review experience and facilitating sharing of code that is reproducible and useful.

If you would like further information, please contact the editor, Alison Cuff by email (