Volume 8 Supplement 7

Proceedings of the Fourth Annual MCBIOS Conference. Computational Frontiers in Biomedicine


Edited by Dawn Wilkins, Yuriy Gusev, Raja Loganantharaj, Susan Bridges, Stephen Winters-Hilt, Jonathan D Wren (Senior Editor)

Fourth Annual MCBIOS Conference. Computational Frontiers in Biomedicine. Go to conference site.

New Orleans, LA, USA

1-3 February 2007

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  1. Proceedings

    Systems biology approach for mapping the response of human urothelial cells to infection by Enterococcus faecalis

    To better understand the response of urinary epithelial (urothelial) cells to Enterococcus faecalis, a uropathogen that exhibits resistance to multiple antibiotics, a genome-wide scan of gene expression was obtai...

    Mikhail G Dozmorov, Kimberly D Kyker, Ricardo Saban, Nathan Shankar, Arto S Baghdayan, Michael B Centola and Robert E Hurst

    BMC Bioinformatics 2007 8(Suppl 7):S2

    Published on: 1 November 2007

  2. Proceedings

    Metabonomics evaluations of age-related changes in the urinary compositions of male Sprague Dawley rats and effects of data normalization methods on statistical and quantitative analysis

    Urine from male Sprague-Dawley rats 25, 40, and 80 days old was analyzed by NMR and UPLC/MS. The effects of data normalization procedures on principal component analysis (PCA) and quantitative analysis of NMR-...

    Laura K Schnackenberg, Jinchun Sun, Parvaneh Espandiari, Ricky D Holland, Joseph Hanig and Richard D Beger

    BMC Bioinformatics 2007 8(Suppl 7):S3

    Published on: 1 November 2007

  3. Proceedings

    Statistical tools for transgene copy number estimation based on real-time PCR

    As compared with traditional transgene copy number detection technologies such as Southern blot analysis, real-time PCR provides a fast, inexpensive and high-throughput alternative. However, the real-time PCR ...

    Joshua S Yuan, Jason Burris, Nathan R Stewart, Ayalew Mentewab and C Neal Stewart

    BMC Bioinformatics 2007 8(Suppl 7):S6

    Published on: 1 November 2007

  4. Proceedings

    Cloning, analysis and functional annotation of expressed sequence tags from the Earthworm Eisenia fetida

    Eisenia fetida, commonly known as red wiggler or compost worm, belongs to the Lumbricidae family of the Annelida phylum. Little is known about its genome sequence although it has been extensively used as a test o...

    Mehdi Pirooznia, Ping Gong, Xin Guan, Laura S Inouye, Kuan Yang, Edward J Perkins and Youping Deng

    BMC Bioinformatics 2007 8(Suppl 7):S7

    Published on: 1 November 2007

  5. Proceedings

    Robust clustering in high dimensional data using statistical depths

    Mean-based clustering algorithms such as bisecting k-means generally lack robustness. Although componentwise median is a more robust alternative, it can be a poor center representative for high dimensional data. ...

    Yuanyuan Ding, Xin Dang, Hanxiang Peng and Dawn Wilkins

    BMC Bioinformatics 2007 8(Suppl 7):S8

    Published on: 1 November 2007

  6. Proceedings

    Nanopore current transduction analysis of protein binding to non-terminal and terminal DNA regions: analysis of transcription factor binding, retroviral DNA terminus dynamics, and retroviral integrase-DNA binding

    Synthetic transcription factors (STFs) promise to offer a powerful new therapeutic against Cancer, AIDS, and genetic disease. Currently, 10% of drugs are of this type, including salicylate and tamoxifen. STFs ...

    Stephen Winters-Hilt, Amanda Davis, Iftekhar Amin and Eric Morales

    BMC Bioinformatics 2007 8(Suppl 7):S10

    Published on: 1 November 2007

  7. Proceedings

    Comparison of probabilistic Boolean network and dynamic Bayesian network approaches for inferring gene regulatory networks

    The regulation of gene expression is achieved through gene regulatory networks (GRNs) in which collections of genes interact with one another and other substances in a cell. In order to understand the underlyi...

    Peng Li, Chaoyang Zhang, Edward J Perkins, Ping Gong and Youping Deng

    BMC Bioinformatics 2007 8(Suppl 7):S13

    Published on: 1 November 2007

  8. Proceedings

    Duration learning for analysis of nanopore ionic current blockades

    Ionic current blockade signal processing, for use in nanopore detection, offers a promising new way to analyze single molecule properties, with potential implications for DNA sequencing. The alpha-Hemolysin tr...

    Alexander Churbanov, Carl Baribault and Stephen Winters-Hilt

    BMC Bioinformatics 2007 8(Suppl 7):S14

    Published on: 1 November 2007

  9. Proceedings

    Computational analysis of biological functions and pathways collectively targeted by co-expressed microRNAs in cancer

    Multiple recent studies have found aberrant expression profiles of microRNAome in human cancers. While several target genes have been experimentally identified for some microRNAs in various tumors, the global ...

    Yuriy Gusev, Thomas D Schmittgen, Megan Lerner, Russell Postier and Daniel Brackett

    BMC Bioinformatics 2007 8(Suppl 7):S16

    Published on: 1 November 2007

  10. Proceedings

    Automatic delineation of malignancy in histopathological head and neck slides

    Histopathology, which is one of the most important routines of all laboratory procedures used in pathology, is decisive for the diagnosis of cancer. Experienced histopathologists review the histological slides...

    Mutlu Mete, Xiaowei Xu, Chun-Yang Fan and Gal Shafirstein

    BMC Bioinformatics 2007 8(Suppl 7):S17

    Published on: 1 November 2007

  11. Proceedings

    SVM clustering

    Support Vector Machines (SVMs) provide a powerful method for classification (supervised learning). Use of SVMs for clustering (unsupervised learning) is now being considered in a number of different ways.

    Stephen Winters-Hilt and Sam Merat

    BMC Bioinformatics 2007 8(Suppl 7):S18

    Published on: 1 November 2007

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