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Editorial Board

Sara Zandomeneghi, Associate Editor

New Content ItemSara is originally from Italy and moved to the UK in 2015 to read Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine (BSc) at the University of Nottingham. After her 3rd year project in the Biomembrane NMR Lab, she decided to stay and started her PhD project in Structural Biology and Biophysics, which was jointly funded by the BBSRC DTP and the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source. She used a combination of computational, wet lab and biophysical techniques such as Circular Dichroism and Small Angle Scattering to structurally and functionally characterise the proteins of the Staphylococcus aureus accessory gene regulator system. Her focus was heavily on the analysis of the biophysical data and their complementation with homology modelling and molecular dynamics simulations. Sara joined the BMC Series as Associate Editor of BMC Bioinformatics and BMC Biomedical Engineering in November 2022 and is based in the London office.

Assistant Editor

Danielle Talbot, BioMed Central, UK

Senior Editorial Board Members

Eytan Domany

DomanyProf. Eytan Domany earned a PhD in theoretical physics from Cornell University. He worked at the University of Washington, Seattle, first as a Research Associate and then a Research Assistant Professor. He joined the staff of the Weizmann Institute in 1979. From 1993 to 1998, Prof. Domany headed the Institute’s Department of Physics of Complex Systems, after which he was Chairman of the Council of Professors, until 2000. He became the Chairman of the Scientific Council in 2010 until the end of 2013. He was the Head of the Kahn Family Center for Systems Biology of the Human Cell from 2003-2014 and was incumbent of the Henry J. Leir Professorial Chair 1999-2017.

Prof. Domany worked on Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics, in particular in Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena, Neural Networks and Protein Folding. His research interests shifted in 2000 to bioinformatics and computational biology, developing tools and algorithms for analysis of high throughput genomic data, with an emphasis on studies of cancer.

Among Prof. Domany’s awards are the Dr. Chaim Weizmann Postdoctoral Fellowship (1977-1979); the Bat-Sheva de Rothschild Fellowship (1982); and the Weizmann Institute’s Lubell (1981) and Levinson (1986) Prizes. In 2005, he received the RAD-Biomed Biotechnology Prize jointly with Weizmann colleague Prof. Irun Cohen; in 2016, the Sergio Lombroso Award in Cancer Research, and the Levi-Montalcini prize in 2019. He was elected Fellow of the Israel Physical Society in 2022.

João Carlos Setubal

jcs2023aJoão Carlos Setubal is a Professor at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, Department of Biochemistry. Dr. Setubal received his B.Eng. from the University of São Paulo and his PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Washington, USA. Before joining the University of São Paulo, Dr. Setubal was on the faculty of the State University of Campinas, Brazil (1986-2005) and Virginia Tech, USA (2004-2011). Dr. Setubal's research focuses on the development and use of computational tools for the analysis of omics data, with a focus on microbial genomics.

Jens Stoye

jens2018Jens Stoye received the PhD degree (1997) in Bioinformatics from Bielefeld University, Germany. After postdoctoral positions at the University of California at Davis (1997-1998) and the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg (1998-2001), he became head of the Algorithmic Bioinformatics group at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin (2001-2002). Stoye has been a full professor for Genome Informatics back at Bielefeld University since 2002. His research interests are in algorithms for bioinformatics, genome-scale sequence analysis, metagenomics and comparative genomics.

Jean-Philippe Vert

Jean-Philipvert-jean-philippe-92pe Vert is Chief R&D Officer at Owkin, an AI Biotech company that uses AI to discover and develop treatments for unmet medical needs, and professor (on leave) at PSL University Mines Paris. Before joining Owkin in 2022, he was a research scientist at Google Brain (2018-2022), where he led a research team working on core machine learning and computational biology; a research professor at ENS Paris’ mathematics Department (2016-2018); a Fullbright and Miller visiting professor at UC Berkeley’s Department of Statistics (2015-2016); a research team leader at the Curie Institute’s research center (2008-2018); a research professor and founding director of Mines ParisTech’s Centre for Computational Biology (2002-2018); and a research associate at Kyoto University’s Bioinformatics Center (2001-2002). He graduated in applied mathematics from Ecole Polytechnique (1995) and received his PhD in mathematics from Paris University (2001). His research interest concerns the theory and practice of statistical machine learning and artificial intelligence to model complex, high-dimensional and structured data, and their applications in computational biology and medicine.

Senior Editorial Board Members
Eytan Domany, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Joao Setubal, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Jens Stoye, Universität Bielefeld, Germany
Jean-Philippe Vert, Owkin and PSL University, France

Editorial Board Members
Giuseppe Agapito, University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, Italy
Divyansh Agarwal, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
Rafi Ahmad, Inland Norway University and University of Tromsø, Norway
Nosayba Al-Azzam, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
Fatima Al-Shahrour, Spanish National Cancer Research Centre, Spain
Abdullah Alamoodi, Sultan Idris Educational University, Malaysia
O.S. Albahri, Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia
Ronnie Alves, Vale Institute of Technology, Brazil
Eduardo Andrés-León, Spanish National Research Council IPBLN-CSIC, Spain
Claudio Angione, Teeside University, UK
Benjamin Audit, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France
Julio Banga, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Spain
Khaled H Barakat, University of Alberta, Canada
Nuno L Barbosa-Morais, Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Portugal
Tim Beissbarth, University Medicine Göttingen, Germany
Anna Bernasconi, Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy
Daniel Berrar, University of Ulster, UK
Judith A Blake, The Jackson Laboratory, USA
Christina Boucher, University of Florida, USA
Benedikt Brors, German Cancer Research Center, Germany
Michal Brylinski, Louisiana State University, USA
Thomas Burger, CNRS, France
Raffaele Calogero, University of Torino, Italy
Pablo Carbonell, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain
Rita Casadio, University of Bologna, Italy
David Casero, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), USA
Paolo Cazzaniga, University of Bergamo, Italy
Luigi Cerulo, University of Sannio, Italy
Chinmay Chakraborty, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, India
Somali Chaterji, Purdue University, USA
Amrita Chattopadhyay, National Taiwan University, Taiwan R.O.C.
Hailin Chen, East China Jiaotong University, China
Jin Chen, University of Kentucky, USA
Jake Chen, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
Xing Chen, Jiangnan University, China
Davide Chicco, University of Toronto, Canada
Piotr Cieplak, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, USA
Pietro Cinaglia, University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, Italy
Chiara Damiani, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
Thomas Dandekar, University of Wuerzburg, Germany
Somnath Datta, University of Florida, USA
Dick de Ridder, Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands
Didier Devaurs, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Pietro Di Lena, University of Bologna, Italy
Ramon Diaz-Uriarte, Spanish National Cancer Centre (CNIO), Spain
Rezarta Islamaj Dogan, National Center for Biotechnology Information, USA
Eytan Domany, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Luigi Donato, University of Messina, Italy
Stanisław Dunin-Horkawicz, University of Warsaw, Poland
Timothy Ebbels, Imperial College London, UK
Frank Eisenhaber, Bioinformatics Institute, Singapore
Nadia El-Mabrouk, University of Montreal, Canada
Frank Emmert-Streib, Tampere University, Finland
Chengming Fan, Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, China
Jesualdo Tomás Fernández-Breis, Universidad de Murcia, Spain
Umberto Ferraro Petrillo, University of Rome 'La Sapienza', Italy
Guillaume Fertin, Universite de Nantes, France
Mathieu Fourment, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Iddo Friedberg, Miami University of Ohio, USA
Carmelo Fruciano, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Xin Gao, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia
Nils Gehlenborg, Harvard Medical School, USA
Ilias Georgakopoulos-Soares, Penn State College Of Medicine, USA
Dario Ghersi, University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA
Raffaele Giancarlo, Università di Palermo, Italy
J Peter Gogarten, University of Connecticut, USA
Derek Gordon, Rutgers State University, USA
Michael Gromiha, Computational Biology Research Center, India
Jin Gu, Tsinghua University, China
Shantanu Gupta, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Pietro Hiram Guzzi, University Magna Graecia Catanzaro, Italy
Saman Halgamuge, University of Melbourne, Australia
Mohamed Hammad, Menoufia University, Egypt
Ze-Guang Han, Chinese National Human Genome Center, China
Andrew Harrison, University of Essex, UK
Dominik Heider, Straubing Center of Science, Germany
Robert Hoehndorf, King Abdullah University, South Africa
David Horner, University of Milan, Italy
Eivind Hovig, The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Norway
Jianjun Hu, University of South Carolina, USA
Lun Hu, Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Pengwei Hu, Merck, Germany
Yijuan Hu, Emory University, USA
Xiaoqiu Huang, Iowa State University, USA
Curtis Huttenhower, Harvard School of Public Health, USA
Bashar Ibrahim, Gulf University for Science and Technology (Kuwait) and University of Jena (Germany), Kuwait
Alexandros Iosifidis, Aarhus University, Denmark
Jose MG Izarzugaza, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Pradeepkiran Jangampalli Adi, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, USA
Boyang Ji, The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Pandjassarame Kangueane, Biomedical Informatics, India
Davood Karimi, Harvard Medical School, USA
Sarinder Kaur Kashmir Singh, University of Malaya, Malaysia
Kazutaka Katoh, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
Dukka KC, North Carolina A&T State University, USA
Anil Kesarwani, The Jackson Laboratory, USA
Daisuke Kihara, Purdue University, USA
Halil Kilicoglu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Jaebum Kim, Konkuk University, South Korea
Steffen Klamt, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Germany
Ina Koch, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany
Pei Fen Kuan, Stony Brook University, USA
Shailesh Kumar, National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR), India
Rahul Kumar, Department of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology, India
Luhua Lai, Peking University, China
Khanh N.Q. Le, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan
Hwee Kuan Hwee Lee, Bioinformatics Institute, Singapore
Phil Lee, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
Ulf Leser, Humboldt Universität, Germany
Fuyi Li, Northwest University, USA
Haiquan Li, University of Arizona, USA
Jinyan Li, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Xiangtao Li, Jilin University, China
Yifeng Li, National Research Council of Canada, Canada
Yu Li, CUHK, Hong Kong SAR
Li Liao, University of Delaware, USA
Petro Lio, University of Cambridge, UK
Lin Liu, University of South Australia, Australia
Peng Liu, Iowa State University, USA
Zhonghua Liu, Columbia University, USA
Giosuè Lo Bosco, University of Palermo, Italy
Stefano Lonardi, University of California, USA
Feng Luo, Clemson University, USA
Xiao Luo, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Yves Lussier, University of Illinois in Chicago, USA
Wojciech Makalowski, University of Muenster, Germany
Saurav Mallik, Harvard University, USA
Hiroshi Mamitsuka, Kyoto University, Japan
Ion Mandoiu, University of Connecticut, USA
Kathleen Marchal, K.U.Leuven, Belgium
Pier Luigi Martelli, University of Bologna, Italy
Alberto Jesus Martin, Universidad Mayor, Chile
Martin Maška, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Bridget McInnes, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Jia Meng, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China
Folker Meyer, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Sumit Middha, MSKCC, USA
Samuel Miravet Verde, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Mohammad Ali Moni, The University of New South Wales, UNSW Sydney, Australia
Catarina Moreira, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Ali J Mortazavi, California Institute of Technology, USA
Miha Moškon, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Parvin Mousavi, Queen's University, Canada
Sumit Mukherjee, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, USA
Arrate Munoz-Barrutia, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain
Christine Nardini, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy
Jean-Christophe Nebel, Kingston University, UK
Steffen Neumann, IPB Halle, Germany
Aurelie Neveol, CNRS, France
Binh Nguyen, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Qing Nie, University of California, USA
William Stafford Noble, University of Washington, USA
Ruth Nussinov, National Cancer Institute, USA
Colm Tadhg O'Dushlaine, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, USA
Michael Ochs, John Hopkins University, USA
Enno Ohlebusch, University of Ulm, Germany
Baldo Oliva, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
Irene Otero-Muras, CSIC (Spanish National Research Council), Spain
Ivan Ovcharenko, National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), USA
Xiaoyong Pan, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Arun Prasad Pandurangan, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK
Francesco Papparlardo, University of Catania, Italy
Laxmi Parida, IBM T J Watson research Center, USA
Florencio Pazos, National Centre for Biotechnology, Spain
Dimitris Polychronopoulos, Ochre Bio, UK
Catia Pesquita, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
Vinhthuy Phan, The University of Memphis, USA
Gianvito Pio, University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy
Dariusz Plewczynski, University of Warsaw, Poland
George Popescu, Mississippi State University, USA
David Posada, University of Vigo, Spain
Natasa Przulj, Imperial College London, UK
Vasu Punj, USC, USA
Rituraj Purohit, Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology, India
Vilda Purutçuoğlu, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Zhaohui Qin, Emory University, USA
Ping Qiu, Schering-Plough Research Institute, USA
Gajendra Raghava, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi, India
Hari Mohan Rai, Dronacharya Group of Institutions Greater Noida, India
Nagarajan Raju, Emory University, USA
Rommel Thiago Juca Ramos, Universidade Federal do Pará, Brazil
Shoba Ranganathan, Macquarie University, Australia
Kristin Reiche, Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology, Germany
Jaques Reifman, US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, USA
Perry Ridge, Brigham Young University, USA
Eric Rivals, LIRMM, CNRS & Univ. Montpellier II, France
Riccardo Rizzo, National Research Council of Italy, Italy
Luis Rocha, Binghampton University, USA
David M Rocke, University of California, Davis, USA
Maria Rodriguez Martinez, IBM Research Europe, Switzerland
Gustavo Rohde, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Johann Rohwer, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Simona Ester Rombo, University of Palermo, Italy
Chiara Romualdi, CRIBI Biotechnology Center, Italy
Juho Rousu, Aalto University, Finland
David Sankoff, University of Ottawa, Canada
Alexander Schliep, Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany
Alexander Sczyrba, Bielefeld University, Germany
Timothy Shaw, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, USA
Denis Shields, University College Dublin, Ireland
Christine Sinoquet, University of Nantes, France
Andrew Skol, University of Chicago, USA
Jiangning Song, Monash University, Australia
Cinque Soto, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA
George Spyrou, The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, Cyprus
Padmini Srinivasan, University of Iowa, USA
Peter F Stadler, University Leipzig / Max-Planck-Institute, Germany
Michael Stumpf, Imperial College London, UK
Sri Krishna Subramanian, Institute of Microbial Technology, India
Roberto Tagliaferri, University of Salerno, Italy
Kamal Taha, Khalifa University, UAE
Muhammad Tahir ul Qamar, Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan
Binhua Tang, Hohai University, China
Chang Tang, China University of Geosciences , China
Jijun Tang, University of South Carolina, USA
Haixu Tang, Indiana University, USA
Andrea Tangherloni, Bocconi University, Italy
Sheng-ce Tao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Alain Tchagang, National Research Council, Canada
Luca Tesei, University of Camerino, Italy
Julie Thompson, ICube, France
Tom Thorne, University of Surrey, United Kingdom
Tian Tian, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, USA
Chen-An Tsai, China Medical University, Taiwan
Filippo Utro, IBM Research, USA
Fabio Vandin, University of Padova, Italy
Suresh Venkateswaran, Emory University, USA
Mansi Verma, University of Delhi, India
Umashankar Vetrivel, National Institute for Traditional Medicine, India
Susana Vinga, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
Nicola Vitulo, University of Verona, Italy
Juana-Maria Vivo-Molina, University of Murcia, Spain
Shibiao Wan, University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA
Dapeng Wang, Imperial College London, UK
Edwin Wang, University of Calgary, Canada
Jiebiao Wang, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Liang Wang, University of Western Australia, Australia, Edith Cowan University, Australia, and Southern Medical University affiliated Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, China
Liguo Wang, Mayo Clinic, USA
Lusheng Wang, City University of Hong Kong, China
Xiaowo Wang, Tsinghua University, China
Yunpeng Wang, The University of Oslo, Norway
Zhihui Wang, Houston Methodist Research Institute, USA
Leyi Wei, Shandong University, China
Zhi Wei, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
Peng Wei, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA
Shoshana Wodak, University of Toronto, Canada
Stefan Wuchty, National Institutes of Health, USA
Xiaohui Xie, University of California, Irvine, USA
Lei Xie, The City University of New York, USA
Yi Xiong, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Ge Yan, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Laurence Yang, Queen’s University, Canada
Jianyi Yang, Nankai University, China
Yuedong Yang, Griffith University, Australia
Jean Yang, University of Sydney, Australia
Yuzhen Ye, Indiana University, USA
Mohammed Yeasin, University of Memphis, USA
Rui Yin, University of Florida, USA
Kevin Yip, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Fulong Yu, Broad Institute, USA
Guoqiang Yu, Virginia Tech, USA
Weichuan Yu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
Peng Yu, Texas A&M University, USA
Min Zeng, Central South University, China
Hong-Bo Zhang, Huaqiao University, China
Jianwei Zhang, The University of Arizona, USA
Liqing Zhang, Virginia Tech, USA
Qi Zhang, University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA
Xuegong Zhang, Tsinghua University, China
Zhaojie Zhang, St Jude Children's Research Hospital, USA
Qi Zhao, University of Science and Technology Liaoning, China
Degui Zhu, University of Texas, USA

Editorial Advisors
Michael R Brent, Washington University in St. Louis, USA
Janusz Bujnicki, International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw, Poland
Matthew J Chalmers, University of Glasgow, UK
Ting Chen, University of Southern California, USA
Kevin R Coombes, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, USA
Richard Copley, Wellcome Trust Centre For Human Genetics, UK
Sandrine Dudoit, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Janan T Eppig, The Jackson Laboratory, USA
Olivier Gascuel, LIRMM-CNRS, France
Mikhail Gelfand, Russian Academy of Science, Russian Federation
Mark Gerstein, Yale University, USA
Winston Hide, Harvard School of Public Health, USA
Des G Higgins, The Conway Institute, Ireland
Lawrence Hunter, University of Colorado, USA
Rafael Irizarry, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA
Tao Jiang, University of California, Riverside, USA
Peter D Karp, SRI International, USA
Steen Knudsen, Medical Prognosis Insititute, Denmark
Deepak Kumar, University of the District of Columbia, USA
Jonathan Pevsner, Kennedy Krieger Institute, USA
J Sunil Rao, School of Medicine, University of Miami, USA
J Sunil Rao, Case Western Reserve University, USA
Steven Salzberg, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Colin Semple, Western General Hospital, UK
Donna Slonim, Tufts University, USA
Gordon Smyth, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Australia
Berend Snel, Utrecht University, Netherlands
Tin Wee Tan, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Masaru Tomita, Keio University, Japan
Michael S Waterman, University of Southern California, USA
Xiaoyan Zhu, Tsinghua University, China

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