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Table 1 (Non) - normalised Data Usage Index (DUI) indicators

From: Towards a data publishing framework for primary biodiversity data: challenges and potentials for the biodiversity informatics community

  Measure Description
1 Visits Number different visits (by IP address)
2 Unique Visits Number of different first-time visits (by IP)
3. Loyal Visits Number of visits repeatedly visiting a unit
4 Download Events Number of different visits making a download
5 Download Frequency Number of downloaded records from a unit (also distribution over units) - by visitor type
6 Download Volume Size in MB - can be averaged
7 Download Impact Download Freq. D(u) over stored records r(u) in unit: D(u)/r(u)
8 Avg. Download Freq. Download Freq. per Event d(u): D(u)/d (u)
9 Usage Ratio Ratio of Download Events over Visits v(u) for unit u: d(u)/v(u) - by visitor type