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Table 3 Wilcoxon signed-rank test (p-values)

From: Comparative study of unsupervised dimension reduction techniques for the visualization of microarray gene expression data

PCA compared to ... Accuracies(dim 2) DB-Index(dim 2)
KPCA 0.1562 0.3223
LLE 0.0195 0.0273
IM 0.0078 0.1055
IM(mod) 0.0547 0.2324
LEM 0.1953 0.3750
DM 0.5000 0.8457
MVU 0.1953 0.7695
  1. The p-values of the Wilcoxon signed-rank test based on the null hypothesis, that PCA yields results similar to each other nonlinear method. The median randomization accuracies and cluster scores (both for two target space dimensions) of all ten datasets served as input to the tests.