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Table 1 QCMF-significant essential sites in the human EGFR protein, which are nearby either nsSNPs or strictly conserved sites

From: Quantum coupled mutation finder: predicting functionally or structurally important sites in proteins using quantum Jensen-Shannon divergence and CUDA programming

QCMF-significant Nearby nsSNPs, or strictly Reference
essential sites conserved sites  
N771 773s [44]
G824 773s [44]
Y827 829s [44]
L828 829s [44]
V834 835c, 836s,860s [44, 49]
Y891 892s, 895c [44]
A822 861s [43, 49, 50]
V844 796c, 798c, 852c -
A882 884c, 895c, 898c -
Y900 898c, 901c -
V902 880c, 901c -
T909 906c, 936c -
G911 906c -
  1. s : non-synonymous snp site, c : strictly conserved site.