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Genomics and Pathway Biology – a new post-genomics M.Sc. programme from Edinburgh University

BMC Bioinformatics20056 (Suppl 3) :P23

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Rapid developments in post genomic science have the potential to deliver generic approaches for the dissection of biological systems through an interdisciplinary approach involving biologists, computational and physical sciences. This recently launched M.Sc. research programme will give students an in depth understanding of current and emerging trends in post genomic science and their application to the analysis and modelling of biological systems. The course will equip students for further independent research and training in post genomic science and technology and the application of in silico modelling of biological of pathways. The course is run by Scottish Centre for Genomic Technology and Informatics (GTI, under the auspices of the graduate school programme Further details of the course will be presented (for further information, please contact:

Authors’ Affiliations

Scottish Centre for Genomic Technology and Informatics, The University of Edinburgh, Medical School, Little France Crescent, Edinburgh, UK


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