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Figure 2

From: Correlation analysis of two-dimensional gel electrophoretic protein patterns and biological variables

Figure 2

Correlation towards a simulated 2DE gel-stack. (A) Eight snapshots taken from a stack of 15 simulated gels generated using Gaussian bumps. Each image contains simulated spots with particular characteristics. See Material and Methods for formula and details. (B) Correlation between the gel-stack and the variable t. Upper gels (a-c) visualizes the correlation, lower gels (a'-c') are masked to visualizes only useful correlations. Correlation analysis was performed relying on different background removal methods. (a, a') without background removal; (b, b') with background subtraction, (c, c') using background division. (C) Correlation analysis under the presence of normal distributed noise: (a) 25%, (b) 50%, (c) 75% and (d) stepwise increasing noise from 0% to 75%. (D) Correlations towards two randomized sets of biological parameters. (E) Correlation towards the variable t polluted with (a) 6% outliers and (b) 13% outliers.

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