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Table 2 The largest CDD superfamily and the superfamilies for which all programs score poorly

From: Accuracy of structure-based sequence alignment of automatic methods

Name SCOP class Pairs Sub-families§ Description in CDD
cd00651 α+β 4 2 T-fold; Tunneling fold
cd01345 f 3 3 OM_channels; Porin superfamily
cd02156 α/β 291 3 nt_trans; nucleotidyl transferase
cd02184 α+β 51 4 AroH_like;YgbB family
cd02688 all-β 77 8 E_set; E or "early" set of sugar utilizing enzymes
cd00096 all-β 1424 3 IG: Immunoglobulin domain family
  1. Membrane and cell surface proteins and peptides
  2. Number of pairs in the root node set in each superfamily
  3. § Number of immediate subfamilies contributing structure pairs to the root node set