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Archived Comments for: SignS: a parallelized, open-source, freely available, web-based tool for gene selection and molecular signatures for survival and censored data

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  1. Seems to not receive data

    laurent tellier, KU

    8 September 2011

    Hello Ramon,

    I'm afraid that the webtool may have some kind of issue - it seems that regardless of what data you put into the survival status file, it will always return "file contains missing values", without specifying what is missing. My file is of correct dimensions, a tab delineated text file with line change at the end, and consists of 1's and 0's. If I remove or add a value at the end, the error is in stead that the file is of too great or small a dimension. It has the same dimensions as the time file, which is received without problem.

    This is less an issue with your other tools, where one can change to just download an R package and do it yourself on your own computer, and in some cases there is an example file which can be downloaded and used to exemplify that the web-tool works. But I suspect that this webtool has been cited much less than it could have, perhaps because it's difficult to make it work. :-/

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  2. Response to "Seems to not receive data"

    Ramon Diaz-Uriarte, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

    9 September 2011

    Yes, there was a bug in the program, so that missing values in the survival time file were being reported, in the error message, as missing values in the status file. That bug has been fixed now.

    As for the example files, they can be downloaded from this page (at the bottom)

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