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Figure 2

From: GlycomeDB – integration of open-access carbohydrate structure databases

Figure 2

Encoding schemes used in various carbohydrate sequence databases. The N-glycan core structure has been chosen to illustrate the different encoding schemes used in the various databases for a given carbohydrate sequence. (A) Pictorial representation in CFG style with reducing end at the right. (B) LINUCS encoding used in (reducing end at the left). (C) BCSDB encoding (reducing end at the right). (D) ASCII 2D graph as employed in CarbBank (reducing end at the right). (E) Notation used by GlycoBase (Lille). (F) KCF notation used by KEGG. (G) GlycoMinds encoding used in the CFG database (reducing end at the right). (H) Oxford notation used in GlycoBase (Dublin).

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