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BMC Bioinformatics

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LC-MSsim – a simulation software for liquid chromatography mass spectrometry data

  • Ole Schulz-Trieglaff1, 2Email author,
  • Nico Pfeifer3,
  • Clemens Gröpl2,
  • Oliver Kohlbacher3 and
  • Knut Reinert2
BMC Bioinformatics20089:423

Received: 07 May 2008

Accepted: 08 October 2008

Published: 08 October 2008

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Archived Comments

  1. Downloading LC-MSsim

    25 March 2009

    Ole Schulz-Trieglaff, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics

    I am the first author of this paper. Note that we included the most recent version of LC-MSsim into OpenMS:

    If you retrieve the svn HEAD of OpenMS from sourceforge, LC-MS can be found under include/OpenMS/SIMULATION and source/UTILS/MapSimulator.C

    Competing interests

    no competing interests.

Authors’ Affiliations

International Max Planck Research School for Computational Biology and Scientific Computing
Department Computer Science and Mathematics, Free University of Berlin
Wilhelm Schickard Institute for Computer Science, Tübingen University