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Table 3 FMs for target, KangA. Functional modules to facilitate functional mapping to target (KangA) variables from sources (Emblom, KangB, Konishi, Larsson, Pardo, Yang) variables

From: Knowledge transfer via classification rules using functional mapping for integrative modeling of gene expression data

Clusters GO Functional Theme Markers
FM1 Regulation of kinase activity CBS, FCER1A, THY1
FM2 Notch signaling BAI2, CNTNAP2, HEY1, PKIG
FM3 Cell junction assembly ASPN, CBS, CNTNAP2, HEY1, KLK7
FM4 Cell adhesion CDH2, CNTNAP2, THY1
FM5 T cell receptor signaling pathway ASPN, CDH2, FCER1A, HEY1, THY1
FM6 Brain development BAI2, CBS, CNTNAP2
FM7 Protein homooligomerization DPYSL3, MPP6
FM8 Pyrimidine nucleobase catabolic process CBS, DPYSL3, THY1
FM9 Transcription HEY1, HR, PKIG, FCER1A
FM10 Transsulfuration CBS
FM11 Muscle cell differentiation CDH2, HEY1, SRD5A1
FM12 Sex determination CBS, CNTNAP2, SRD5A1
FM13 Superoxide metabolic process CBS
FM14 Cellular protein localization CNTNAP2