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Erratum to: MetCap: A bioinformatics probe design pipeline for large-scale targeted metagenomics

The Original Article was published on 28 February 2015


In our article [1], the numbers of probes and sequences for the CAZy dataset in the Additional file 3, table S3 (A) (Table 1 here) have been switched. The corrected table S3 (A) is presented in this erratum.

Table 1 (A): Family-wise summary of generated probes based on sequences downloaded from CAZy database

In the following three parts of our article [1] we would like to correct the numbers for probes and sequences accordingly.

Abstract (Results), page 1

To illustrate the advantage of a targeted metagenome approach, we have generated more than 400,000 probes that match more than 300,000 publicly available sequences related to carbon degradation, and used these probes for targeted sequencing in a soil metagenome study.

Results and discussion, page 6

In this study, 306,525 nucleotide sequences were extracted through the pipeline and used as a proof of concept. A list of group-wise collected sequences and generated probes from databases are given as Additional file 3: Table S3. In total, 406,277 unique probes were produced from these extracted nucleotide sequences in this study with the following criteria: length (50mer), GC contents (35-65), melting temperature (55-65), and 3 probes per cluster on 90 % cluster similarity.

Results and discussion, page 8

Among the downloaded sequences (Additional file 3: Table S3), 258,544 sequences belong to the CAZy database from four major families: Glycoside Hydrolase (110,923), Glycosyl Transferases (103,952), Carbohydrate Esterases (13,787), Polysaccharide Lyases (6,580), and an associated module, Carbohydrate binding-modules (23,302) and 348,316 probes have been designed from these sequences.


  1. Kushwaha SK, Manoharan L, Meerupati T, Hedlund K, Ahren D. MetCap: a bioinformatics probe design pipeline for large-scale targeted metagenomics. BMC Bioinformatics. 2015;16:65.

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