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Table 2 Network entities and respective kernels considered for combination purposes

From: A multiple kernel learning algorithm for drug-target interaction prediction

Entity Kernels Information
Drugs AERS-bit - AERS bit Side-effects
  AERS-freq - AERS freq Side-effects
  GIP - Gaussian Interaction Profile Network
  LAMBDA - Lambda-k Kernel Chem. Struct.
  MARG - Marginalized Kernel Chem. Struct.
  MINMAX - MinMax Kernel Chem. Struct.
  SIMCOMP - Graph kernel Chem. Struct.
  SIDER - Side-effects Similarity Side-effects
  SPEC - Spectrum Kernel Chem. Struct.
  TAN - Tanimoto Kernel Chem. Struct.
Proteins GIP - Gaussian Interaction Profile Network
  GO - Gene Ontology Semantic Similarity Func. Annot.
  MIS-k3m1 - Mismatch kernel (k=3,m=1) Sequences
  MIS-k4m1 - Mismatch kernel (k=4,m=1) Sequences
  MIS-k3m2 - Mismatch kernel (k=3,m=2) Sequences
  MIS-k4m2 - Mismatch kernel (k=3,m=2) Sequences
  PPI - Proximity in protein-protein network Protein-protein Interactions
  SPEC-k3 - Spectrum kernel (k=3) Sequences
  SPEC-k4 - Spectrum kernel (k=4) Sequences
  SW - Smith-Waterman aligment score Sequences