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Table 1 A comparison of features of VennDiagramWeb to other popular web applications used to generate Venn Diagrams

From: VennDiagramWeb: a web application for the generation of highly customizable Venn and Euler diagrams

Category Parameter VennDiagram (Initial Release) VennDiagramWeb Venny [3] BioVenn [4] GeneVenn [5] CRP-Sante Microarray Centre Venn Diagram [6] VIB/UGent Calculate and draw custom Venn diagrams [7]
General Interative Interface   X X X X X X
  Data File Upload N/A X   X X   X
  Multiple Workspaces N/A X      
  R Code Generation N/A X      
Circle Options Colour X X   X X   
  Fill Alpha X X      
  Border Style X X      
  Border Width X X      
  Border Colour X X      
Category Labels Content X X    X   
  Colour X X   X    
  Font X X   X X   
  Size X X   X X   
  Style X X      
  Location X X   X (SVG only)    
  Position X X   X (SVG only)    
  Distance X X   X (SVG only)    
  Justification X X      
Area Labels Colour X X   X    
  Font X X X X X   
  Size X X X X X   
  Style X X      
Titles Main title X X   X X   
  Subtitle X X   X    
  Position X X   X (SVG only)    
  Colour X X   X    
  Font X X   X    
  Size X X   X    
  Style X X      
  Justification X X      
  Figure resolution X X   X    
  Built-in gene ID recognition     X    
Miscellaneous Maximum sets 4 5 4 3 3 3 3
  Shapes used Circles/Ellipses Circles/Ellipses Circles/Ellipses Circles Circles Circles Circles/Ellipses/other curved shapes
  Scaling   Xb   Xa    
  Euler diagrams X X   X    
  Margin size   X      
  Rotation   X      
  Two-set external lines   X      
  Other set-specific parameters   X      
  Partition display   X X X X X X
  1. aUses inaccurate 3-set scaling with circles
  2. bEuler diagrams only. 3-set scaling only when mathematically possible [4]