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Table 2 Classes of the retained GPCRs identified in FG and Pfam domains

From: GPCRs from fusarium graminearum detection, modeling and virtual screening - the search for new routes to control head blight disease

Protein ID Conserved Pfam domain Class [17]
FGSG_02655 STE2 (PF02116) I. Ste2-like pheromone receptor
FGSG_07270 STE3 (PF02076) II. Ste3-like pheromone receptor
FGSG_02942 Git3 (PF11710) III. G protein-coupled glucose receptor regulating Gpa2
FGSG_05239 7tm_1 (PF00001) V. cAMP receptor like
FGSG_01861 7tm_2 (PF00002)  
FGSG_03023 Dicty_CAR (PF05462)  
FGSG_05404 Lung_7-TM_R (PF06814) X. PTM1-like GPCR