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Erratum to: Genomic prediction using subsampling

The Original Article was published on 24 March 2017


Following publication of this article [1], it has come to our attention that some of the equations included were distorted by a formatting issue in the PDF form. This issue affected Eqs. 8, 9 and 11. The correct forms of the equations are shown below.

$$ {\sigma}_{\mathrm{b}}^2\left|*\sim \frac{{\mathbf{b}}^{\hbox{'}}\mathbf{b} + {\mathrm{S}}_{\mathrm{b}}{\nu}_{\mathrm{b}}}{\chi_{\mathrm{p}+{\nu}_{\mathrm{b}}}^2}\kern0.24em \mathrm{and}\kern0.24em {\sigma}_{\mathrm{e}}^2\right|*\sim \frac{{\mathbf{e}}^{\hbox{'}}\mathbf{e} + {\mathrm{S}}_{\mathrm{e}}{\nu}_{\mathrm{e}}}{\chi_{\mathrm{n}+{\nu}_{\mathrm{e}}}^2} $$
$$ {\mathrm{b}}_{\mathrm{j}}^{\mathrm{t}+1}\Big|*\sim \mathrm{N}\left(\frac{{\overset{\sim }{\mathbf{x}}}_{\mathbf{j}}\hbox{'}{\overset{\sim }{\mathbf{e}}}^{\mathrm{t}}+\psi {\mathbf{x}}_{\mathrm{j}}\hbox{'}{\mathbf{x}}_{\mathrm{j}}{\mathrm{b}}_{\mathrm{j}}^{\mathrm{t}}\ }{\psi {\mathbf{x}}_{\mathrm{j}}\hbox{'}{\mathbf{x}}_{\mathrm{j}}+{\uplambda}_{\mathrm{j}}},\frac{\sigma_{\mathrm{e}}^2}{\psi {\mathbf{x}}_{\mathrm{j}}\hbox{'}{\mathbf{x}}_{\mathrm{j}}+{\uplambda}_{\mathrm{j}}}\right) $$
$$ {\sigma}_{\mathrm{e}}^2\Big|*\sim \frac{{\overset{\sim }{\mathbf{e}}}^{\hbox{'}}\overset{\sim }{\mathbf{e}} + {\mathrm{S}}_{\mathrm{e}}{\nu}_{\mathrm{e}}}{\chi_{\uppsi \mathrm{n}+{\nu}_{\mathrm{e}}}^2} $$


  1. Xavier A, Xu S, Muir W, Rainey K. Genomic prediction using subsampling. BMC Bioinformatics. 2017;18:1. doi:10.1186/s12859-017-1582-3.

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Correspondence to Katy Martin Rainey.

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The online version of the original article can be found under doi:10.1186/s12859-017-1582-3.

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