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Table 1 Description of the case study

From: Discriminate the response of Acute Myeloid Leukemia patients to treatment by using proteomics data and Answer Set Programming

Cases studies Learn Classify
Case Nodes Edges Search space Perturbations Readouts MSE Size Networks t learn t opt I/O t I/O
CR 102 294 2834 26 23 0.1123 24 10 6339 4779 1 1
PR 102 294 2834 26 23 0.1120 29 9 1588 3654 2 1
  1. PKN and dataset for both CR-PR classes. The column Search space describes how many BNs, derived from the PKN, were explored by caspo. The column Perturbations refers to the different couples of patients selected by our algorithm. The column learn outputs caspo results in terms of optimal BNs learned description. MSE shows the BN fitness (Mean Square Error with respect to the dataset), size the number of logic clauses of the BN, Networks the number of optimal BNs found. The column t learn is the learning time, while the t opt column shows the optimization time in minutes. The column classify shows an analysis of the BNs learned. I/O shows the number of different logic behaviors and tI/O the computation time in minutes