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Table 3 All 11 viral integration sites identified in whole genome sequencing data from two HPV-positive cell lines (SiHa and HeLa) and two cervical carcinomas (T4931 and T6050) using HGT-ID

From: HGT-ID: an efficient and sensitive workflow to detect human-viral insertion sites using next-generation sequencing data

Sample ID (coverage) Affected Gene Function of integration site Integrated Position Score Reported and validateda Identified by VirusFinder 2.0
HELA (40x) CCAT1 intron chr8 128,230,630 1273.7 yes yes
CCAT1 upstream chr8 128,233,368 121.2 yes no
CCAT1 upstream chr8 128,234,256 180.3 yes no
CCAT1 upstream chr8 128,241,549 235.7 yes yes
SIHA (37×) KLF12 downstream chr13 74,087,563 158.0 yes yes
KLF12 downstream chr13 73,788,864 136.4 yes yes
T4931 (41×) GLI2 intron chr2 121,670,164 2.4 yes yes
GLI2 intron chr2 121,687,141 213.4 yes no
GLI2 intron chr2 121,688,179 48.9 yes no
T6050 (42×) KLF12 downstream chr13 74,230,820 305.1 yes no
KLF12 downstream chr13 74,231,436 342.2 yes yes
  1. aReported and validated in the original paper [28]