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Table 1 Conventional classification methods for motor imagery classification

From: Exploring spatial-frequency-sequential relationships for motor imagery classification with recurrent neural network

Methods Features Classifiers Datasets
Qin et al. (2004) [17] Time-frequency Source analysis BCI competition II
Schlogl et al. (2005) [15] AAR kNN/LDA/SVM BCI competiti on III
Herman et al. (2008) [22] PSD LDA/RFD/SVM Graz University dataset
Blankertz et al. (2007) [21] CSP LDA Graz University dataset
Ang et al. (2012) [8] FB-CSP PW Naive Bayes BCI competition IV
Park et al. (2013) [25] MEMD+CSP SVM BCI competition IV
Yuksel and Olmez (2015) [24] SFN BPNN BCI competition III
Wu et al. (2015) [32] P-CSP FLDA Paper’s private data
Kumar et al. (2018) [33] Enhanced CSP GA and SVM BCI competition III and IV