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Table 4 Predicted conserved B cell epitopes from HCMV envelope proteins

From: Computational assembly of a human Cytomegalovirus vaccine upon experimental epitope legacy

EpitopeAntigen genea Accession numberb PDBcFlexibilitydAccessibility (%)
TYNSSLRNSUL75Q6SW675VOB: A [11–28]1.75248.58
TPEAANSVLLDUL115F5HCH85VOB: B [57–69]1.39758.36
  1. aAccession number from UniProtKB database. b Tertiary structure of the antigen (PDB code) with epitope location in square brackets. c Average flexibility of epitope in arbitrary unit (Fb, Eq. 3). d Average solvent-exposed accessibility of epitope in percentage (Ab, Eq. 4)