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Correction to: Identifying miRNA synergism using multiple-intervention causal inference

The Original Article was published on 27 December 2019

Correction to: BMC Bioinformatics (2019) 20(Suppl 23): 613

After publication of this supplement article [1], it was brought to our attention that the Fig. 3 was incorrect. The correct Fig. 3 is as below:

Fig. 3
figure 1

Comparison results between miRsyn and mirSRN. a The number of miRNA synergistic pairs. b The number of significantly enriched terms. c The percentage of breast cancer miRNAs and miRNA synergistic pairs, clustering coefficient and characteristic path length. d The number of co-expression and non co-expression miRNA synergistic pairs. e The overlap with putative miRNA synergistic pairs under different score cutoffs


  1. Zhang, et al. BMC Bioinformatics. 2019;20(Suppl 23):613.

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