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Table 1 Number of SAVs in aggregated datasetsa

From: Variant effect predictions capture some aspects of deep mutational scanning experiments

  Number of SAVs
Total Neutral Deleterious Beneficial
SetAll 66,089 818 b 45,382 19,889
SetCommon 32,981 0 17,781 15,200
SetCommonSyn90 15,621 8926 4545 2150
SetCommonSyn95 15,621 10,587 3209 1825
SetCommonSyn99 15,621 13,506 1548 567
  1. aSetAll depicts the total number of SAVs collected, while SetCommon contains only SAVs with predictions from every analyzed method. SetCommonSyn contains all SAVs with predictions where a thresholding scheme could be applied to yield classification of SAVs into neutral and effect (see Methods). The number of SAVs in every single DMS experiment are depicted in Fig. S1 and Table S1
  2. bThe ccdB set classifies variant effect in categories and contains 818 non-synonymous variants which fall in the same category as the wild-type. Hence these SAVs could be considered neutral