Volume 14 Supplement 4

Selected Articles on Computational Vaccinology


Edited by Yongqun He, Zhiwei Cao, Anne S De Groot, Vladimir Brusic, Christian Schonbach and Nikolai Petrovsky

Publication of this supplement was funded by the authors.

The Second ISV Pre-conference Computational Vaccinology Workshop (ICoVax 2012). Go to conference site.

Shanghai, China

13 October 2012

  1. Introduction

    Computational vaccinology and the ICoVax 2012 workshop

    Computational vaccinology or vaccine informatics is an interdisciplinary field that addresses scientific and clinical questions in vaccinology using computational and informatics approaches. Computational vacc...

    Yongqun He, Zhiwei Cao, Anne S De Groot, Vladimir Brusic, Christian Schönbach and Nikolai Petrovsky

    BMC Bioinformatics 2013 14(Suppl 4):I1

    Published on: 8 March 2013

  2. Research

    Prediction of conformational epitopes with the use of a knowledge-based energy function and geometrically related neighboring residue characteristics

    A conformational epitope (CE) in an antigentic protein is composed of amino acid residues that are spatially near each other on the antigen's surface but are separated in sequence; CEs bind their complementary...

    Ying-Tsang Lo, Tun-Wen Pai, Wei-Kuo Wu and Hao-Teng Chang

    BMC Bioinformatics 2013 14(Suppl 4):S3

    Published on: 8 March 2013

  3. Research

    Bioinformatics analysis of the epitope regions for norovirus capsid protein

    Norovirus is the major cause of nonbacterial epidemic gastroenteritis, being highly prevalent in both developing and developed countries. Despite of the available monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) for different sub...

    Liping Chen, Di Wu, Lei Ji, Xiaofang Wu, Deshun Xu, Zhiwei Cao and Jiankang Han

    BMC Bioinformatics 2013 14(Suppl 4):S5

    Published on: 8 March 2013