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Volume 17 Supplement 2

Bringing Maths to Life (BMTL)


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Naples, Italy27-29 October 2014

Bringing Maths to Life. Go to conference site.

Edited by: Mario Guarracino, Vincenza Colonna and Maria Brigida Ferraro.

  1. Rapid computational and technological developments made large amounts of omics data available in different biological levels. It is becoming clear that simultaneous data analysis methods are needed for better ...

    Authors: Said el Bouhaddani, Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat, Perttu Salo, Markus Perola, Geurt Jongbloed and Hae-Won Uh
    Citation: BMC Bioinformatics 2016 17(Suppl 2):S11
  2. Methods for the integrative analysis of multi-omics data are required to draw a more complete and accurate picture of the dynamics of molecular systems. The complexity of biological systems, the technological ...

    Authors: Matteo Bersanelli, Ettore Mosca, Daniel Remondini, Enrico Giampieri, Claudia Sala, Gastone Castellani and Luciano Milanesi
    Citation: BMC Bioinformatics 2016 17(Suppl 2):S15
  3. Interest in understanding the mechanisms that lead to a particular composition of the Gut Microbiota is highly increasing, due to the relationship between this ecosystem and the host health state. Particularly...

    Authors: Claudia Sala, Silvia Vitali, Enrico Giampieri, Ìtalo Faria do Valle, Daniel Remondini, Paolo Garagnani, Matteo Bersanelli, Ettore Mosca, Luciano Milanesi and Gastone Castellani
    Citation: BMC Bioinformatics 2016 17(Suppl 2):S16
  4. Mecp2 null mice model Rett syndrome (RTT) a human neurological disorder affecting females after apparent normal pre- and peri-natal developmental periods. Neuroanatomical studies in cerebral cortex of RTT mous...

    Authors: Marcella Vacca, Kumar Parijat Tripathi, Luisa Speranza, Riccardo Aiese Cigliano, Francesco Scalabrì, Federico Marracino, Michele Madonna, Walter Sanseverino, Carla Perrone-Capano, Mario Rosario Guarracino and Maurizio D’Esposito
    Citation: BMC Bioinformatics 2016 17(Suppl 2):S14

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