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Volume 17 Supplement 7

Selected articles from the 12th Annual Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Symposium: bioinformatics


Publication of this supplement has not been supported by sponsorship. Information about the source of funding for publication charges can be found in the individual articles. The articles have undergone the journal's standard peer review process for supplements. The Supplement Editors declare that they have no competing interests.

Provo, UT, USA10-11 December 2015

Edited by Perry Ridge and Mark Clement

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  1. Biomedical literature retrieval is becoming increasingly complex, and there is a fundamental need for advanced information retrieval systems. Information Retrieval (IR) programs scour unstructured materials su...

    Authors: Ahmed AbdoAziz Ahmed Abdulla, Hongfei Lin, Bo Xu and Santosh Kumar Banbhrani
    Citation: BMC Bioinformatics 2016 17(Suppl 7):238
  2. Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have effectively identified genetic factors for many diseases. Many diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease (AD), have epistatic causes, requiring more sophisticated anal...

    Authors: Paul M. Bodily, M. Stanley Fujimoto, Justin T. Page, Mark J. Clement, Mark T. W. Ebbert and Perry G. Ridge
    Citation: BMC Bioinformatics 2016 17(Suppl 7):268
  3. Abnormalities in glycan biosynthesis have been conclusively related to various diseases, whereas the complexity of the glycosylation process has impeded the quantitative analysis of biochemical experimental da...

    Authors: Wenpin Hou, Yushan Qiu, Nobuyuki Hashimoto, Wai-Ki Ching and Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita
    Citation: BMC Bioinformatics 2016 17(Suppl 7):240
  4. Analyzing next-generation sequencing data is difficult because datasets are large, second generation sequencing platforms have high error rates, and because each position in the target genome (exome, transcrip...

    Authors: Mark T. W. Ebbert, Mark E. Wadsworth, Lyndsay A. Staley, Kaitlyn L. Hoyt, Brandon Pickett, Justin Miller, John Duce, John S. K. Kauwe and Perry G. Ridge
    Citation: BMC Bioinformatics 2016 17(Suppl 7):239
  5. Protein-protein interaction (PPI) extraction from published scientific articles is one key issue in biological research due to its importance in grasping biological processes. Despite considerable advances of ...

    Authors: Thi Thanh Thuy Phan and Takenao Ohkawa
    Citation: BMC Bioinformatics 2016 17(Suppl 7):246
  6. Accurate determination of protein complexes has become a key task of system biology for revealing cellular organization and function. Up to now, the protein complex prediction methods are mostly focused on sta...

    Authors: Yijia Zhang, Hongfei Lin, Zhihao Yang, Jian Wang, Yiwei Liu and Shengtian Sang
    Citation: BMC Bioinformatics 2016 17(Suppl 7):229

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